Helderberg Farm grows strawberries since early 1960’s and is well known for its delicious and sweet strawberries.
Mainly organic fertilizer and biological methods of pest control is used. The use of other chemicals is kept to a absolute minimum.

New varieties allow us to produce Fresh  Juicy strawberries  most of the year.

Jam grade Strawberries also available



Plants now available at Helderberg Farm Kiosk

 SPRING BEARING varieties.

  • Best results when planted in Autumn and Winter.
  • Flower and Fruit in Spring only.
  • Plants available in Plugs, 6 Packs, 4 Packs and 15 cm pots.
  • Available while stocks lasts.

EVERBEARING varieties.

  • Plant any time of year.
  • Flower and Fruit any time of year under ideal growing conditions.
  • Plants available in 15 cm pots =============================


How do I care for my Strawberry plants

More info:

  1. 2 Main types of Strawberries
  2. Spring Bearing eg Selecta, Chandler
    • Planting Time : Autumn and Winter
    • Flower Time  : Spring time ONLY
  3. Everbearing Strawberries
    • Planting Time :  Any time of year
    • Fruiting Time :  Any time of year
  4. Fertilizing

Ask Nursery Expert.


  1. Springbearing Strawberry plants in 6 pack and 4 packs are NOT Prefertilized . They will need fertilizing from start.
  2. Everbearing Strawberry Pots are PRE- FERTILIZED with Controled / Slow Release Fertilizer eg Vigolonger . Do not add any fertilizer for the first few weeks.
  3. Regular Foliar Feeding Interval 7 – 10 days.

Organic Earthworm Compost and paste is used in Growing Medium for all Helderberg Farm seedlings and pots.

  1. Irrigation

Water regularly. Keep moist.

  1. Full sun  – Especially in the cooler months.

Ideally not less than 8 hours full sun per day.

Optional. 40% Shadecloth in Summer and Minitunnel in winter.

Everbearing will also  do well in gardens with morning sun and afternoon shade in our hot summers.

  1. Pruning

Any Strawberry plant loves pruning.

Remove all old discoloured leaves and Flower stems Regularly

Rejuvenate Everbearing plants when all leaves have a “stale appearance” after about 6 – 7 months by cutting all leaves that feel stiff and hard. Reduce growth points to 3-5. Plants should grow out and flower again.

  1. Disease Control. Keep Leaves and fruit dry. Do not irrigate from above if possible. Ask nursery expert.


Group bookings welcome, etc.  schools, Tour Groups, etc.

Strawberry Picking Season : October, November
Picking closed on Sundays

Fresh strawberries for sale at Tea garden / kiosk daily

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